Kartex Terms of Service

Last update: July 11, 2023 at 3:27 PM

Kartex is a European fintech company specializing in providing financial solutions in collaboration with its partner, Swan. As a fintech company, Kartex offers innovative banking services and issues branded Mastercard debit cards. The following terms are valid and legally binding for all users of Kartex.

You need to accept the terms before you can use the service.

1. Data

We take your privacy and data protection very seriously. We share and/or analyse your personal information only in the limited scenarios and for the limited purpose as explained in our Privacy Policy. By using KARTEX, you agree to the collection and use of personal information in accordancewith our Privacy policy.

2. Maintenance and stability

The Kartex service is developed continuously. Kartex reserve the right to update and change the content in the service. Kartex strives to Kartex possible maintenance stability but is not under liability for any interruptions or breakdowns caused by circumstances beyond Kartex’s control. This being but not limited to electrical cuts, issues with an internet connection, issues with hardware, hacker attacks, virus or other types of force majeure.

3. Responsibility

The use of Kartex is at your own risk and Kartex is not liable to you or anyone else if interference with or damage to your computer systems occurs or if you suffer any loss, cost or expense in connection with your use of our service. We disclaim all responsibility and liability for any direct or indirect loss, damage, cost or expense whatsoever in the use of or reliance upon Kartex.

Kartex agrees to use commercially reasonable technical and organizational measures designed to prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure of any Service or Customer Data. However, Kartex will have no responsibility for errors in transmission, unauthorized third-party access or other causes beyond Kartex’s control. All data are stored securely, to prevent unauthorized third-party access. Kartex can not be held responsible for errors that occur from circumstances beyond Kartex’s control. This being but not limited to electrical cuts, issues with an internet connection, issues with hardware, hacker attacks, virus or other types of force majeure.

4. Data security

When signing up to use Kartex you complete a signup form with name, email address and phone number. This information will be stored for the purpose of providing you with the best possible service. When signing up for a subscription your payment information will be collected. These will be stored and used to charge the subscription fee for using Kartex until the subscription is cancelled.

The customer accepts that Kartex is entitled to use third-party suppliers in all conditions, including development, maintenance and data storage. These can be placed outside of Estonia. All data is owned by Kartex.

5. Changes

Kartex reserves the right to change and update these terms of service. We also reserve the right to make a price increment with a minimum of 30 days' warning. You will be notified of significant changes by email.

6. Partners

Kartex is partnering up with other entities for the provision of certain services published on the Platform/App. At present, Kartex's Partners are:
• Swan (Swan's T&C’s read here)

7. Payment Services Provider

All payment services are exclusively provided by Swan, a simplified joint-stock company (société par actions simplifiée) with a capital of €22,840.20, having its registered office at 95 avenue du président Wilson, 93108, Montreuil – RCS 853827103. Swan is an electronic money institution, approved under number 17328 by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority or ACPR), with registered office at 4 place de Budapest, CS92459 - 75436 Paris, Cedex 09, France, and subject to the supervision of ACPR. You can check ACPR’s list of authorised entities, here.

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