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Our goal

At Kartex, we aim to revolutionise the way businesses manage their finances. We strive to empower businesses by providing innovative banking solutions that simplify financial processes, increase efficiency and drive growth.

With a commitment to security, convenience and personalised service, we aim to be the trusted partner businesses rely on to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape.



Swan is our partner that provides banking services (accounts, cards and payments). Swan is a principal member of Mastercard and a licensed financial institution regulated by ACPR.



Our team are your allies. We work hard to simplify and streamline your business finances.

Dmitry Novickiy

Co-Founder & CEO

Nikita Novickiy

Co-Founder & COO

Yana Kosenko

Motion Designer

Danish Mukhammad

Chief Technical Officer

Polina Tysiachenko

UI/UX Designer

Serhii Fursa

Email Marketing

Anna Antoniuk

Head of Client Relationship

Danil Kondratenko

Chief Marketing Officer

Vladyslav Bernadskiy

Junior Back-End

Anna Pivovarova

Junior Front-End

Luna Nguyen

Account Manager

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